Nationally and Internationally

Our online courses make it easy to have a significant impact nationally and internationally.  We are currently collaborating with Prof. N.T. Wright, one of the world's top New Testament scholars, to produce our courses with the goal of reaching the world with outstanding teaching available at any time.

These courses can be utilized by individuals seeking personal enrichment or customized for large groups wanting to facilitate small groups or leadership training. 

N.T. Wright Online Courses Offered

Each course contains video lectures, written materials, textbook recommendations, assessment tools, and discussion sections that enable you to dialogue online with fellow students from around the world.  Courses can be purchased individually or as part of custom packages to meet your organizations needs.

To sign up or learn more about our courses, visit the N.T. Wright Online official page and follow us on Facebook for announcements and updates on new courses.

These courses are not affiliated with St. Andrews University and carry no formal credit, but are meant to be sources of enrichment for those who choose to participate in the classes.

  • The Storied world

    of the Bible

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  • worldviews, the bible, & the believer

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  • themes in the gospel of john

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  • acts of the apostles

    Type content here...

  • romans

    Type content here...

  • Galatians

    Type content here...

  • ephesians

    Type content here...

  • philippians

    Type content here...

  • colossians

    Type content here...

  • Philemon

    Type content here...

  • simply jesus

    Type content here...

  • simply good news

    Type content here...


    Type content here...

  • the day the revolution began

    Type content here...

  • the resurrection of the son of god

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About N.T. Wright

Few biblical scholars have the ability to communicate the message of the New Testament as Tom Wright has shown. Christianity Today writes, that 'he is the most important apologist for the Christian faith since C.S. Lewis...The kingdom is clearly what motivates Wright in everything he does. And, because of Wright's own faithfulness - to the God of the universe, and to his beloved church on earth - it is now motivating many more people besides'.  Tom Wright can speak into the realms of the more prominent biblical scholars, but you will also find him speaking to crowds of students on university campuses or in church worship services. He carries a message that resonates with those far away from the Kingdom of God and for those who have found Jesus Christ to be their King. He is uniquely qualified and able to deliver to an online audience.


The Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies is passionate about reaching local congregations with the resources they need to be successful. 

We do this through the following efforts:

City of Milwaukee Resource

Five Loaves & Two Fish

Quality education, especially biblical education, is not easily accessible by many local City of Milwaukee pastors. Milwaukee is known as a city divided by racism and poverty. We provide a high quality education to pastors working in the trenches of our starving city so that they have the tools to bring renewal to their own communities through our Five Loaves & Two Fish initiative. We will bring to God what we have and watch him multiply it to nurture a city through local pastors and churches within the City of Milwaukee.

Church in Training

It seems everyone is looking for the right strategy to lead well, influence people, and change the world! Being a great leader starts with each individual's pursuit to be more like Christ. We know better leaders begin with better theology, not strategy.  Church in Training was established to train up leaders and then release them back into local congregations. This program can benefit lay leaders or church staff who may not have formal biblical education, as well as pastors who want to sharpen their skills.  

Contact us for specific meeting dates.  Formal registration is not required.  Participants are encouraged to continue attendance at their local church while participating.  


If you are a local pastor who is interested in partnering with this resource to train your staff and lay ministry volunteers, please contact us for more information.

Church Specific Courses

Is there a specific topic or book of the bible you would like to study more in depth with your congregation? One of our teaching faculty will come to your congregation and offer customized courses to help your church family or leadership team grow together in a specific area. Most of our online content can also be customized to be utilized in a small group settings or leadership training.  For more information about how to bring these opportunities to your congregation contact us.