Our Mission

Renewing the minds of Christian believers, to transform the Church, for the benefit of the World.

We act as a catalyst for Christian leadership development locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally– wherever opportunities present themselves.

Such leadership development may include mentoring, coaching, advising, teaching, and encouraging Christian believers.

We wish to advance the understanding of Christian believers in the areas of Biblical Studies, Systematic Theology, Counseling, Church History, and other subject areas as needed to fulfill our mission.

Our ministry depends on the sacrificial gifts of people like you to complete our mission.  Your gift helps us keep online tuition costs for students affordable, produce even more content, invest in local leaders, and expand our reach to minister to more people all around the world!  To make an online contribution donate here.

Our Story

David Seemuth founded the Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies in 2013. After spending 25 years teaching at the graduate level and 31 years ministering as an Associate Pastor, David was disturbed to see a lack of in depth biblical teaching in the Church today. We live in a society of cultural Christians who do not know the foundational teachings of scripture and therefore do not live in accordance with all that Jesus intended when he established the Kingdom of God. David saw an opportunity to provide higher education that was easily accessible through online learning. Since then the Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies has offered 27 graduate level courses both in our local churches and online at a fraction of the cost that has reached over 15,000 students in 155 countries! Here at the Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies we truly believe that as Christian believers renew their minds through biblical teaching, the Church will be transformed and as a result, the whole world will reap the benefits of a people living to establish God's Kingdom on Earth.

Why the Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies?

We Exist Because:

  • There is a need for increased biblical literacy
  • More church and missionary staff have less biblical and theological training
  • Formal education is expensive
  • Formal biblical and theological education is not always locally available

The courses offered by the Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies provide graduate level content that is presented for all people, no matter their current level of biblical education. Both new believers and experienced ministers can benefit from the course content to deepen their knowledge. Since the courses are not accredited with a university, the Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies can offer them at a significantly lower cost, making them more accessible for anyone wanting to grow in their faith and understanding. Our team of teaching faculty make it possible to offer local courses in your own church. The online format makes the courses easy to customize for various uses including small group curriculum, leadership training, or individual study from anywhere in the world!

Part of a Larger Story

This picture of a stained glass window at the Sainte-Chapelle in Paris portrays the story of the vision given to the Apostle John in the Book of Revelation. The glorious artistry provides a vivid picture of the mighty, victorious work of God. It also teaches us something here at the Wisconsin Center for Christian Studies:

  • God's work is dynamically told in Holy Scripture.
  • Believers around the world share in the story of God's victory.
  • We each participate in making the picture complete, just as it takes many pieces of glass to complete the artwork.
  • Properly told, the biblical story is stunning and moving, increasing our adoration of the Triune God.